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This Chinese Firm Gives Blow up Dolls Instead of Bonuses

You heard about Canadian’s selling fresh bottled air to China, now here’s a story to really blow you away (pun definitely intended).

A tech startup in Guangzhou, China called Lianlian is gifting its single male employees with blow-up dolls instead of a traditional (and more socially acceptable) cash bonus.

“Creative awards can express the company’s culture,” says CEO Wang Yuzhu in a recent interview.

But it comes to no surprise that this is not the first time a Chinese company has gifted it’s employees with sexy bonuses. Last year, men at Qihoo360, a Beijing-based tech company had the chance to earn a night with Japanese porn star Julia Kyoka.

So what do the happily married employees at Lianlian receive? Why they receive spicy cooking sauces, sandals and perhaps the sexiest item of all: a really good dehumidifier.

Main image courtesy McBeth via Flickr

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