This Cold Case Expert Claims Steven Avery Was Set Up By A Prolific Serial Killer

'Making A Murderer' case could be connected with notorious serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards

There’s been a lot, and we mean a lot, of truly convincing Making A Murderer theories growing in the past few weeks from fans and professionals alike.

This week we came across a new plausible theory and new evidence uncovered, both by clever Redditors that could have served Steven Avery well in his trial. One new theory has come out of the woodwork, this time by a Cold Case Professional that could answer some of the murder-mystery’s biggest loopholes. Caution: Spoilers ahead.

Cue John Cameron: a retired Police Sergeant turned FBI Cold Case expert. Cameron is confident that the person who actually killed Teresa Halbach is the known serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. Edwards M.O. was committing horrific crimes, and then setting up unlucky victims for those crimes. He weaved evidence from his own crime scenes into the lives of unsuspecting victims like his own twisted murder-mystery game. His victims could be someone he read about in the news already under scrutiny, with the victim of the actual crime insignificant to the case.

“It was a lot of false confession cases that Edwards murders ended being set up,” Cameron says. “He would usually stir the police to somebody, who was weak-minded, who would be easy to get a confession out of. And Brandon Dassey was one of the easiest ones to get a confession out of.”

In this case, Cameron claims Edwards, visibly an old man at the time, waived Teresa Halbach at the side of the road near the Avery’s junkyard, shot her in the head with a .22 caliber handgun, only to “push her in and drive away.” Halbach wasn’t reported missing for another three days, in which time “he had three days with that vehicle and nobody even knew she was gone.”


It wasn’t until the fourth day when the Avery’s left the junkyard for their cabin when Cameron disposed of the vehicle and the remains of her body on site. Cameron says the dispersal of the remains of her body is similar to a crime Edwards committed in 1955. Edwards would then have taken her body to the woods and used explosives to blow apart her body according to Cameron. That’s how he was able to spread her ashes throughout the junkyard.

What’s even more disturbing, is that in the Netflix series some people (including Cameron) are claiming Edward Wayne Edwards makes an appearance. At around 21:33 in episode six, “Tracing the Evidence,” appears an old man in the background behind Prosecutor Ken Kratz just standing around. Cameron believe that’s Edwards himself, basking in what he called his “crimes of recognition.”

“Edwards had always done things like that. He would groom his way into his funerals. He groomed his way into other documentaries. He would get himself a cameo shot in his own murder-mystery. That’s what he got off of” says Cameron. “if he could kill, set someone up and then attend the courtroom and get photographed on the news.”

According to Cameron, there’s a growing population of cold-case professionals that believe Edwards actually has connections to some of history’s most prolific crimes including the Zodiac killings, the West Memphis Three, Chandra Levy, and Jon Benet Ramsey.

Listen to John Cameron’s entire theory about Edwards Wayne Edwards and his history in the video above.