This diving enthusiast discovered an amazing underwater river

hydrogen sulphide makes for an incredible sight

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Russian photographer Anatoly Beloshchin is a diving enthusiast with a thirst for adventure. Between diving with sharks and whales and trekking through Antarctica, Beloshchin is always on the hunt for something new – and he found it on his latest exploration.



The Yucatan Peninsula in Southeastern Mexico is home to many cenotes – natural sinkholes formed by the collapse of cave walls. When Beloshchin dove 200 feet into the Angelita Cenote he made a discovery – an underwater river, created by a halocline. A halocline is where two bodies of water – each with a different salt density – hit then separate. A layer of hydrogen sulphide separates the salty water from the fresh water, which results in this effect.






Want more? Take a look at the video of the exploration in the player above.

(All photos courtesy of Anatoly Beloshchin via A Plus)