This dog found its way home after getting hit by a GO Train

Border-collie mix managed to survive getting dragged under a train

On Dec. 7, Luna, a two-year-old Australian Shepherd-Border Collie beat the odds.

After the dog escaped from its leash in Parkdale and took off, owner Ayla Reznick frantically searched her neighbourhood for the missing dog with no luck.

Finally, nine hours later Luna showed up at Reznick’s home on her own, carrying a few cuts and bruises but in otherwise good shape. After a visit to the vet the following day, Reznick was told that the dog was in a healthy state.

That was when Reznick was contacted by Jonathan Podzyhun, a GO train operator. Podzyhun reached out to Reznick on Facebook to tell her that her dog matched the description of the dog that the train had hit the day before.

During her escape, Luna was seen running through traffic on the Gardiner and Lakeshore. Podzyhun tried to slow down when he saw the dog on the tracks around Exhibition Station, but the train was going too fast and ran right over the pooch. Pozyhun contacted animal services afterwards to let them know of a deceased dog on the tracks.

Luna was wearing a doggy backpack, which is how Pozyhun suspects that she survived being dragged under the train.