This Easy Chrome Hack Will Make Sure You Never Miss Grabbing Concert Tickets Again

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

The struggle is real. We all know the anxiety of trying to buy tickets to a hot show – refreshing the page over and over from 9:58AM, only to receive the dreaded message: “we could not find any tickets that match your request at this time.” (Ahem, the Indie88 birthday party). But HOW? Now you’re desperate, maybe even desperate enough to check the dreaded StubHub.

Thanks to the super smart and sneaky people over at Mashable for bringing this to our attention: there is a Chrome extension that could increase your chances of this tragedy never happening again. Enter: an auto-refresh Chrome extension. Download and install this bad boy on your browser and have it do the refreshing for you. It won’t work a miracle and find you tickets to a sold out event, but it might refresh that page faster than you ever could, because it’s a robot and all.


Just remember to pause the auto-refresh once you’ve secured your tickets. You don’t want to risk refreshing the browser while you enter your credit card info, and potentially lose your precious golden tickets.

Good luck!