This French Fries Infographic Has People Up In Arms

French fried controversy

Disagreement is an important part of life. We’re not always going to see eye-to-eye, and there’s value in that when looking at society as a varied collection of perspectives.

That being said, when someone makes an opinionated statement about something as contentious as a best type of food list, people go a little bananas. That’s exactly what has been happening in response to a chart ranking the many varieties of fries.

With years of experience under my belt (literally), I can confidently say that the creators of this chart had no idea what they were doing, unless they made it to stir up trouble. Why? waffle fries are at the top of the list. Everyone knows the classic shoestring belong there.

See for yourself and let us know how you’d rank each fries in the comments.

Main image courtesy Emmy Smith via Unsplash.