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This Girl Explains how Weather Works, Using Geometry

What? You haven’t heard of the 360 degree circle of hotness before? Neither did Youtuber Brad Holmes before his girlfriend Jenny Davis tried to explain to him, and the camera, just how temperature works.

Watch the full video in the player above.

Davis’ educated geometrical hypothesis was a knowledge bomb for her beau, and the rest of the world.

In the video, the British couple debated (for way too long) on whether or not 30 degrees Celsius (about 86 degrees Fahrenheit) was actually hot. Her answer was a big fat “no”, but not without a lengthy explanation.

Lets break it down for you.

This is a circle:

A circle is 360 degrees:

Are you still with us? Good.

Temperature is measured in degrees. For example…

Fire. Fire is hot.

In fact, the average temperature of flames is typically 585 °C (way higher than 360°).

Snow. Snow is cold.

Snow is so cold that it’s not even on the degree circle. Get this, snow is in the negatives!

This boy band is somewhere in between.

(98°, to be exact).

An “academic degree” is a recognized completion of studies, at certain level of education – something we learned you do not need to be a weather expert.

It’s also a brand of deodorant, an item you might need if the temperature were to ever reach the total 360°.

Hopefully that cleared a few things up for you.

As the Science wizard herself stated, 30 is not so hot (in comparison to 360°), which technically, isn’t a complete lie… if only the scale were a real thing.

We’re itching to know her thoughts on measuring right angles with a thermometer.

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