This Guide Helps You Pair Your Favourite Candy With Wine

Be a modern sommelier

The makers behind Vivino, the price comparison and review app for wine, understand that you’re a complex individual who enjoys the finer things in life. The same kind of person who likes to be classy and drink wine, but also of modest means when you partake in a candy binge-fest.

Halloween is a special time for that, because as the scary movies are on rotation and candy goes on sale, corkscrews are popped and bulk barns are ransacked.

Someone in that particular situation might then ask themselves, “how can I enjoy these sugary Skittles and not ruin the sweetness of my Riesling,” or “will the bubbles in this Champagne clash with the velvety air pockets in this Aero bar”? That’s why Vivino created this app which helps you pair a wine with the candy of your choice.

Take a look at the image below, or check the company’s website for full explanations of the pairings: