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This guy from Toronto carved all 151 original Pokémon into pumpkins

A Toronto-based animator and content developer, Adrian Kieda, is getting a lot of hype on Reddit right now after uploading photos of his 151 tediously carved jack-o’-lanterns.

Kieda spent six full days carving every single one of the original 151 Pokémon, and lit up every single one when he put them out along Tarragona Boulevard in the Stockyards District.

Spent 6 days carving all 151 Originals :O from r/pokemon

The project started as a joke, but the Pokémon master explained on Reddit that he had always wanted to do it. According to Kieda, it cost $175 at a farm to purchase all of the pumpkins, and he also took off work so he could complete the project.

The toughest animated characters to carve were the detail-oriented ones like Tangela, Alakazam, Poliwhirl, and Poliwrath. Although the project was extremely temporary, especially with the growing number of squirrels and raccoons in the city, Kieda took individual photos of each and every pumpkin, which he plans to share soon.

Check out some pictures of the excessive number of pumpkins below.

All 151 originals carved!

Spent the last 6 days carving all 151 Original Pokémon!! 😀 Lighting them up on Tarragona Blvd Tn! from r/toronto

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