Watch: This Impatient Jerk Driving a BMW Gets What He Deserves

There is nowhere to go.

We all know that person. Behind you, in rush hour, honking at you to speed up when you have no where to go. Oblivious to everyone else’s safety, this peron’s sole concern is their own need to get to their destination. These people are the worst of all drivers. Cutting in, yelling to themselves, banging their steering wheel, all the while filling up with rage at the simple reality of congested roadways.


Recently, a New Jersey road-rager got some just dessert after continually honking at the car in front of him, who (he deemed in his infinite wisdom) was not going fast enough. When enough was enough for this road warrior, he decided to make a dangerous pass on a left turn only to find out there was no room, reinforced by the cement divider that his car bottomed out on. Don’t worry everyone, he’s fine.