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This is what happens when it rains in one of the driest parts of the world

The phenomena is called desierto florido, which is Spanish for “flowering desert”. Once every 5-7 years in the Atacama Desert of Chile, unusual rainfall between September and November will cause the desert to erupt in blankets of colour. According to Nat Geo, the flowering is related to El Niño’s warming of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of northern Chile.

This particular desert is one of the driest areas in the world with regular rainfall reaching less than a minuscule 4 millimetres a year. The Atacama Desert reportedly received roughly 7 years worth of rain this year, which germinated millions of flowers and plants. The rolling sands of Atacama are currently covered with a thick coat of vivid pinks, fuschias, and brilliant white blossoms. For the full album, take a peak at the images originally posted on National Geographic.

Photo by Mario Ruiz

Photo by Carlos Aguilar

Photo taken by Mario Ruiz

(Image taken from Wikipedia)

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