This Maggot-Infested Clam Shell Paving Job is the Most Disgusting Thing You Will See Today

Decaying mollusks smell terrible, apparently!

One Tiverton, Rhode Island, resident’s effort to pave an access road with unwashed clam shells led neighbours to demand a cleanup after unbearable smells and an infestation of maggots took over the surface. Yes, this is actually a thing.

Using mollusk shells for surfacing a road is hardly a new idea, but the shells are typically washed before being laid down. Unfortunately, for this person’s neighbours, the thousands of shells used were not washed and maggots have started to feed on the remnants of meat.

“Some parts still has the meat, so now it’s decaying. It’s like bodies decaying. So, you’ve got about a million bodies decaying,” one neighbour told WJAR-TV.

WJAR-TV newscaster Lindsay Iadeluca toured the area, highlighting the swarms of bugs invading the scene and the signage, which includes “honk if it stinks” and “remove maggot lane.” Have a look below and be happy we haven’t developed virtual smelling technology yet.

Getting to the bottom of this stench ridden road in Tiverton.

Posted by Lindsay Iadeluca on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Image via WJAR-TV