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This Man Saved A Wet Koala From A Flood & It’s Both Adorable & Heartbreaking

This Australian Man Saved This Scared, Wet Koala From A Flood

Imagine driving down the road and seeing an adorable little wet koala clinging to a pole. What would you do?

It’s a social experiment and an ethical question at the same time. Would you think of the claws and teeth that could tear into your flesh? Or would you put your own safety aside and try to help a sweet little bear?

Driving down the road during one of the floods of 2016, an Australian plumber named Russell Latter saw a wet koala seeking refuge on a pole.

wet koala
Image: @koalaclancy on Instagram

Looking lost, wet, and not too happy, the koala got stuck because there was flood water on both sides of the road. Russell, being the caring man that he was, stopped and coaxed the little guy over a bridge. He even went so far as to stop cars along the way so the koala bear could cross safely to the other side.

As The Floods Moved In Quick, The Koala Became Stuck

wet koala
Image: @jordancallie19 on Instagram

Emergency services in Australia received hundreds of calls during the floods. The waters compromised animals of all sorts, including our sweet little wet koala.

In the area where Mr. Latter lives, he said there are koalas in the trees all the time. How are they to know that there’s a flood moving in? The waters came in so fast, they left many animals stranded, without homes, and even waterlogged and waiting for help. Fortunately, our koala on a fence was saved, and lived to see another day.

wet koala
Image: @jordancallie19 on Instagram

The heavy rains of 2016 caused flooding throughout the region where Russell found and rescued his little friend. He said that the koala was confused, walking left and right, and didn’t know what to do. Because the water was high on both sides of he road, he wasn’t able to get anywhere.

Fortunately, Mr. Latter showed him how to get up the road. The koala climbed up a pole. However, once he realized he wouldn’t last long there, Latter guided him to the safety of a tall gum tree with lots of leaves so he could hang out there until the waters went down.

A Warning Sign Of A Changing Planet

wet koala
Image: @fozpool on Instagram

Flash floods did damage to more than just the roads and the koala’s home. These frightening signs of global warming also engulfed a conservation zoo, putting far more than just koalas in danger.

Zookeepers carried wet koalas to safety, and even alligators almost got free because the waters were so high.

Months of drought in Australia first fuelled awful bushfires, which were devastating in themselves. However, after that, the torrents of rain caused their own problems.

The high waters were a part of the biggest floods in 15 years in Australia. All in all, the fires and floods killed more than a billion animals across eastern and southern Australia.

Thanks, global warming.

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