This Map Shows All The Free Parking Spots in Toronto

Free? Did you say free??

Toronto just can’t seem to keep up with the demand of motorists in the city. With the business on the TTC and the amount of people that are getting downtown everyday, there are more cars that are traveling into the core than ever before.

Every year parking costs go up, and with Green P’s proposed increase of street and lot parking prices, things are likely going to get worse in the city.

There are few places in Toronto with cheap parking – let alone free parking, but one website appears to have a solution. is just that: an interactive map that displays all the free parking spots in Toronto!

To our surprise, there are apparently a handful of spots in the city that offers free parking for a short period of time. Who knew? So the next time you are heading downtown with the car and need to sneak into somewhere really quickly, check out the map and see if you are near one!

We’ve also taken a look into some of the spots, and have found some of the best that are available near our favourite venues.

The Mod Club and Sneaky Dees


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  • Harbord St (Between Euclid & Montrose)
  • Euclid Ave (Between Harbord & College)
  • Palmerston Blvd (Between Harbord & College)
  • Markham St (Between Harbord & College)


The Phoenix Concert Theatre


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  • Bleecker St (Between Carlton & Wellesley)

Hard Luck Bar


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  • Augusta Ave (Between Queen & Denison)
  • Berkley St

Take note that on the website they have a legend for what the different parking markers mean, so pay attention to whether the parking is only available for 1 hour or 3 hours. No one wants to get a ticket! Hope this helps anyone that needs to get downtown pretty quickly and definitely does not want to pay for full parking.

Image Alexandre Lung via Flickr