This map shows average wait times at many Toronto grocery stores

It could be the difference between a 5-minute line and an hourlong wait

One of the fundamental changes COVID-19 has made to the way we currently live is how we shop. While many grocery stores and pharmacies offer some sort of delivery or pickup option, most people have to go out and grocery shop the old fashioned way with an in-store visit.

Thankfully, a developer has undertaken the task of helping us determine where our best shot at an efficient grocery shopping experience lies. “COVID-19 Market Waiting Times” is an interactive map that shows users the average wait time to get in and out of a specific grocery store.

“This project aims to avoid the gatherings of people in various supermarkets and pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic,” reads a message on the project’s GitHub page. “Based on the geolocation of the device, it will show various points of interest such as supermarkets, pharmacies, clinics, bars etc., with an estimate waiting time.”

The map displays wait times at stores from five minutes or less represented by green, and up to an hour or longer coloured red.

While this map isn’t going to magically make flour and yeast appear on store shelves, it’s a valuable tool that can help users make the best decision to remain safe during the ongoing pandemic.