This Map Shows the Walking Time from Each TTC Subway Station

Get to know your outdoor surroundings

Taking the TTC on any given day is a fickle thing. Some days it runs smoothly, but other days it’s running slow, or overcrowded, and some days it’s just not running at all.

When you have places to go and things to see sometimes it’s nice to have a backup plan. That’s why one master of efficiency took it upon himself to create a map showing walking times between subway stops, for those days when you just can’t rely on the TTC.

The assistant professor of accounting and sustainability at Queen’s University named Pavlo Kalyta, created this map and posted it to Facebook for the public’s use.


It may not be a solution to the overcrowded subways and constant service stops, but it sure is a healthy alternative — when you have the time.

Also take a look at Kalyta’s Montreal Metro map here.

Main photo courtesy Dennis Jarvis via Flickr