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Movie Theater With Beds Reinvents The Movie Experience

Lately I’ve been dreaming of a movie theater with beds. Not joking. I’ve been watching a lot of movies, but by choice I don’t own a T.V. Because of this, I’ll generally watch movies in bed with my iPad rather than on a couch. I don’t want to sound old or complain-y, but watching movies in bed hurts my neck!

Sure would be nice to have a big screen up high in front of you rather than a tiny one sitting on my lap.

When I stumbled on an actual movie theater with beds, I thought Google was reading my mind again. Turns out it’s a phenomenon – movies with beds is being done well, all over the world.

And here I thought it all came to me in a dream…

Cinema Pathé In Switzerland Does Things A Little Different

movies with beds
Image: @patheschweiz on Instagram

Making dreams come true, Cinema Pathé in the northwesterly part of Switzerland has opened a “V.I.P. bedroom” screen that has double beds in place of seats.

Coined as the ‘new and chill way of watching movies’, they offer V.I.P. tickets that buy you both food and a double bed. There are 11 beds to enjoy, with adjustable headrests, grey and beige sheets, and a couple of pillows per bed.

The movie theater with bed seats was established by Pathé to meet a demand that they saw coming from a mile away. They also feature giant sofas.

The whole idea was to make moviegoers feel at home… and it comes at a price. Go here to check out their price list and book your seat!

If you choose to go the V.I.P. route, it’ll cost you around $50USD. This, however, includes food and a drink. You also get to skip any lines for food and drink if you go with the V.I.P.

movies with beds
Image: @patheschweiz on Instagram

Tuck In And Tune Out

Get this: you even get slippers to enhance your experience.

While some movie buffs argue that this elevated, comfy experience doesn’t necessarily prioritize the film, others say they don’t care. Let’s just ‘tuck in and tune out’. There’s a certain level of relaxation that you can attain watching a movie in a movie theatre with beds.

Plus, the CEO of Pathé Switzerland has recently announced that they’ll soon be serving more gourmet offerings such as waffles and crepes. Sounds like a perfect matinee to me. They really do think of everything. For instance, they also have an area for the kids!

movies with beds
Image: @patheschweiz on Instagram

Movie Theaters With Beds Are Popping Up All Around The World

The concept of having beds in movie theaters is catching fire worldwide. Here’s a short list of different cities with successful and cool movie theater with beds.

Buda Bed Cinema in Budapest

movies with beds

L’Amour in Vietnam

movies with bed
Image: @cgvcinemasvietnam on Instagram

Blitz Megaplex in Jakarta

movie theatres with beds
Image: @blitzmegaplexjakarta on Instagram

Gold Class Movies in Sydney

movie theatres with beds
Image: @awheeler0305 on Instagram

The Enigma Theater – Bangkok

movie theatres with beds
Image: @fun_in_bangkok on Instagram

So if you too have been dreaming of a movie theater with beds, we hope that this little list will help you discover these dreamy spots all over the world!

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