This New Mobile Website Helps You Navigate the PATH

Find Your Way Through Toronto's Underground Tunnels

Toronto’s 30-km long PATH system is used by roughly 200,000 people each day, but you’ll find that most of the city struggles with navigating it. To those who aren’t familiar, getting through the underground tunnels – which connect to 50 buildings and 1,200 stores – feels like an endless labyrinth.

With a new mobile website to assist in navigating the PATH, help is on the way. For those who are just as confused about the underground trails as the rest of us, you can check out According to 38-year-old inventor Eric Rotberg, “Once you’ve found your current location and selected your destination, the site calculates the shortest, quickest route to get you there.”

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Although the website is up and running, Rotberg told The Star he plans to improve the navigation tool with additional features. A mobile app for iOs and Android “will prompt you and say, ‘Turn left at Tim Hortons’ and ‘Turn right at Aldo Shoes,’ for example.” for easy step-by-step navigation.

Image Courtesy ttrl27 via Instagram