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This “New Shade” of Blue Scientists Discovered Looks Awfully Familiar

A professor of materials science at Oregon State University, accidentally produced a new colour when his team tried creating new materials for electronics. After heating black manganese oxide and other chemicals to almost 2000°F, Mas Subramanian created a brand new blue pigment, naming it ‘YInMn.’

Artists and manufactures will be seeing a lot more of the new, non-toxic tint when it receives its official release later this year.

As exciting as that is, we can’t help but notice that this new colour, isn’t so fresh:
Cookie Monster, blue since 1966.

Blue Man Group, three times the blue.

Blue Man Group
The Blue Jay, not purple.

Blue Jay
We found Dory, definitely blue.



That new colour seems to just be a recycling of what we’ve seen in the past. Alright we’re done.

blue bin2


(Featured image courtesy of Oregon State University)

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