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This Rainbow Eucalyptus Wood Looks Like It Was Painted Into The Forest

These Eucalyptus Trees Look Like A Trippy Forest Painting 

The rainbow eucalyptus tree is something my dad would have painted in art class in the 70s. Trippy, beautiful, and intriguing, the rainbow tree bark is really something else. To top it off, rainbow trees like this are rare and become more and more rainbow-ish as they age and shed layers of bark.

What Causes The Vivid Colors?

rainbow eucalyptus wood
Image: @jelliefysh on Instagram

As the rainbow eucalyptus sheds its bark, it looks like one of those pencil crayons with different colours that reveal as you sharpen it down. This spectacular tree, which is also known as the Mindanao gum or rainbow gum, is tall and rare. In fact, this beautiful specimen can grow up to 250 feet in the air.

The more the rainbow eucalyptus sheds, the outer bark slowly peels back to reveal a bright green inner bark. Then, as time passes, the green ages into different radiant colours, which eventually shows up as the glorious rainbow this tree is famous for. Blue, purple, orange, and maroon are the main colours of the rainbow eucalyptus.

rainbow eucalyptus wood
Image; @missymwac on Instagram

Because the tree doesn’t shed all at once, there are always fresh green layers showing up. Other layers are at different stages in the ageing process, so you get this gorgeous, layered rainbow effect.

Because of this, the tree is very popular with garden enthusiasts. Botanical gardens around the world feature this tree. It’s also often planted as an ornament in Hawaii, Louisiana, Souther California, and even Texas!

Where Are Rainbow Eucalyptus Wood Trees Found?

rainbow eucalyptus wood
Image: @geomorphological_landscapes on Instagram

The rainbow eucalyptus is rare in part because it’s the only eucalyptus that grows in a rainforest. Further, it’s only one of four species found outside of Australia. You’ll find the rainbow eucalyptus in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

However, because the tree is so dang pretty, garden enthusiasts take initiative, and grow the tree in frost-free climates all over the world.

Does The Tree Produce Colourful Lumber?

rainbow eucalyptus wood
Image: @geomorphological_landscapes on Instagram

Nope, there is no magical rainbow lumber underneath the bark of the coloured eucalyptus.

Once you cut through those peeling layers of tree bark, rainbow eucalyptus wood looks about the same as any other eucalyptus wood. That doesn’t make this tree any less extraordinary, though. What an incredible display of nature’s artistry!

rainbow eucalyptus wood
Image: @geomorphological_landscapes on Instagram

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