This Teenager Is the Youngest Pilot to Fly Across the World

The 18 year old Australian pilot flew around the globe in 54 days

The term “flying solo” took on a whole new meaning for young Australian pilot, Lachlan Smart when he began his 54 day venture flying across the world.

While most of us spent the weekend stuffing our faces at the CNE, a young teen showed us all up by setting a Guinness World Record. No big deal, right?

Smart, who is only 18, became the youngest person to circumnavigate around the globe in a single engine plane, ending his journey at Queensland’s Maroochydore Airport on Saturday morning after almost two months of travelling, that took the teen to 24 different places and 15 countries. The previous record holder, American Matt Guthmiller, finished the trip aged 19 years, seven months and 15 days.

“That’s how you claim a Guinness World Record!” Lachlan wrote on Instagram after finally touching down on Australian soil.

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