This VFX Breakdown of Game of Throne’s “Battle of the Bastards” Is Incredible

See how the epic battle was put together

This past season of Game of Thrones was undoubtedly the most action packed, with the ninth episode “Battle of the Bastards” in the center of all the chaos.

Despite a dramatic finale, the ninth episode was the crown jewel of this season, with a gruesome half hour long battle between Jon Snow’s and Ramsay Bolton’s armies. Mountains of bodies, horses-drawn cavalry violently crashing into each other and one of the most stressful fight sequences ever displayed on cable TV all made for an epic battle scene fit for a Hollywood blockbuster.

The Australian VFX company behind the episode called Iloura, turned a hundred or so actors and eighty horses into armies of 3000 charging at each other in bloody mayhem. They’ve shared a video breakdown of how they put the action sequence together, which is available in the player above.