This Video of Guy Fieri Stuffing His Face To Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” Is Remarkable

Cry, laugh, eat?

Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness – Werner Herzog

Fans of the culinary shitshow Diners Drive-Ins and Dives know, dispite Guy Fieri’s chipper appearance during his twenty minute television binge-a-thon that there is something truly dark about him.

Why else would anyone spend their days speeding coast to coast in search of the nation’s fattiest foods he can angrily shove in his mouth? Why is he trying to hurt himself?

It only took aptly named YouTuber Medina the Wise to mash up Johnny Cash’s tragic “Hurt” with segments of Fieri feeding on DDD to see through the well-hiden facade and see that he’s really, truly angry.

Why? Maybe he’s still upset about Game of Throne‘s “Red Wedding”, he really hates broccoli, or maybe he’s just a Toronto Maple Leafs fan — no one really knows. All we do know is that he isn’t very happy.

Don’t understand? Doesn’t matter. Watch the video above and tell us it’s not one of the most beautifully absurd things you’ve ever seen.