This Video of People Just Missing the Subway Hits Too Close to Home

We’ve all been there

New York based weblog The Gothamist released a video titled “New Yorkers vs. The Subway” that captures the universal struggle of just missing the subway.

Two journalists set out with their cameras to expertly document everyday people in New York City who were mere seconds away from catching the train. Many of them try using hands, feet and bags in an attempt to stop the doors. Some succeed but the majority face defeat as they turn around and wait for the next train.

This video is enjoyable because it’s not only hilarious but entirely too relatable. The struggle they captured is one felt by Torontonians everyday as we deal with constant delays and closures on the TTC.

Watch closely and pick which person you relate to the most: the man running down the platform expertly not spilling his iced coffee, the man who uses two hands and a foot to wedge himself in, or the woman who looks awkwardly out as the door struggles to close inches away from her face. Just remember, no matter how you do it, you always look ridiculous trying to catch the closing doors. So next time you find yourself on the wrong side of the doors, crack a smile and remember this video.