This Video Shows Just How Bold Toronto Bike Thieves Have Become

Bike stolen in broad daylight in front of large crowd of pedestrians

A Toronto bike thief was captured on video stealing a bike in broad daylight, proving just how bad things have come.

In a clip shared by CBC, a man can be seen cutting the lock off a bike at Lower Simcoe and Queens Quay, as onlookers stand by in shock. According to CBC, as the thief began to steal the bike a small group gathered around him, telling him to stop.

In the video, a woman confronts the thief asking “dude, what the fuck is your problem?” Shortly after he grabs the bike and speeds off across the streetcar tracks and into oncoming traffic.

Liz Sutherland, the director of advocacy and government relations for Cycle Toronto said “we have a crisis point problem in terms of bike theft in Toronto.” The footage is a small sample of the growing rate of bike thefts in Toronto.

Instances like these show just how little thieves believe they will be caught and prosecuted. According to police statistics, only about 1% of stolen bikes are actually recovered.

Image courtesy CBC