This Website Can Turn Your Instagram Photos Into A Colouring Book

The ultimate birthday present.

Do you enjoy adult colouring books? Are you a colouring fanatic? Well Color Me Book has got it all figured out.

By simply uploading five of your favourite Instagram or other photos, Color Me Book will send you a custom-made colouring book from those photos. The cost of a personalized colouring book is $25.00.

If you don’t feel like spending the extra cash, you can also get a customized one-page digital copy for just $5 sent to your email.

According to Mashable, creator Cory Will says that his fiancee was colouring an adult colouring book and he thought it would be a cool idea to get her a personalized colouring book of their dogs. He commented that he was shocked he couldn’t get one anywhere so he started his business with a friend that owns a print shop.

Will launched Color Me Book through Shopify on April 12th, you can be with your personalized colouring book as soon as possible.

And if you don’t feel like colouring in photos of yourself, maybe grab one of Color Me Book’s brunch or yoga themed books!

(Main photo by Color Me Book)