This Website Lets You Eat Dinner With Random People

Meet new people in Toronto

Lets face it, when you’re busy adult-ing it can be hard to meet new people. That’s what the website Random Dinner is here to help you with: it sets you up to eat dinner and converse with random strangers.

The creator, David King, 28, told BlogTO that each meet up will include six guests and a “facilitator” to make sure the conversation flows well. Random Dinner is set to launch soon.

“It’s sort of like a response to networking events sucking and Tinder sucking and there not really being a great way to make random connections in the city,” King said.

He’s posted on forums and says majority of people that have shown interest range from the ages of 25-35. He hopes that it will encourage new relationships between Torontonians:

“It’s not necessarily a dating thing and it’s not necessarily a business thing. It’s like, how do you actually meet new, interesting people and actually connect with them?”

Would you use Random Dinner to meet new people?

(Photo courtesy of Rndmdnr via Facebook)