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This Weed-Smoking Pizza Box is every Stoner’s Dream

Pizza and pot. Do I have your attention?

Pizza startup (that’s a thing), Push for Pizza, has managed to combine every stoner’s two favourite activities: smoking weed and eating pizza.


Push for Pizza, an app, is like an Uber for pizza; partnering with pizzerias to bring hungry users a pie at the push of a button.

To celebrate 4/20 this year, the team created a pizza box with a cut out on the top that can be rolled into a pipe. That little table thingy, already a hero for preventing a cheesy disaster under the lid, comes in once again to save the day as a carbonator and chamber.

The pizza box pipe is just a promo for 4/20 as of now, but who knows what kind of genius innovation will will grace our ‘za boxes in the future.

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