Thom Yorke details forthcoming dystopian new solo record

The record is set to revolve around a dystopian feeling of anxiety

Thom Yorke has been quite busy lately after releasing classical pieces and scoring Suspiria, and now he’s detailed his forthcoming dystopian new solo record.

When speaking to Crack Magazine generically about his forthcoming album, which he says revolves around a dystopian feeling of anxiety, he explains:

Have you ever flown to Tokyo? That jet lag is the definition of an existential crisis, everytime. There was one night where I’d go to sleep, two hours later I’m absolutely wide awake and I just had these images…humans and rats changed places. A dream. And as I came out, I woke up with this really strong set of images of girls in tottering heels, but they’re actually rats and the human beings are in the drains. I had another one, these weird images of the city of London and all the skyscrapers are just shuffling along.

The dystopian thing is one part of it, yes, but for me, one of the big, prevailing things was a sense of anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety it manifests itself in unpredictable ways, some people have over-emotional reactions. [For] some people the roots of reality can just get pulled out, you don’t know what’s happening. Then eventually, reality comes back. For some reason, I thought a really good way of expressing anxiety creatively was in a dystopian environment. I had so many visual things going on at this point. Another one was where everybody was traveling to work but their bodies were telling them that they wouldn’t do it anymore. They were refusing to cooperate, so they were doing these involuntary movements.

If you want to learn more about Yorke’s bizarre dreams and the inspiration for his forthcoming record, you can read the full interview here.