Three Canadians tried to steal $20,000 worth of maple syrup

You might say that the plot thickened

What is with Canadians and stealing thousands of dollars worth of food? Last month, an Oakville man was charged for stealing $60,000 worth of avocado, and now a big old Canadian crime was committed on Wednesday morning when a cargo trailer carrying $20,000 worth of maple syrup was stolen from Chestermere, Alberta.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were able to find the trailer by 9:00 am in Nanton, but allegedly the driver fled the scene and hopped into a silver car nearby. The car escaped and managed to chase off the officers in a pursuit, but he was eventually caught 75 km away just south of Calgary. When the car was brought to a stop, officers arrested two women and one man.

Shelby Kalman, Shawn Mclaughlin, and Char-lee Fernell have all been arrested on several counts including possession of stolen property over $5,000, possession of a controlled substance, and operating a motor vehicle while being pursued. According to a release from the Nanton RCMP, the value of stolen items was worth about $110,000 in total, with $20,000 worth of maple syrup.

Kalman and Fernell are set to appear in court on December 3rd, and Mclaughlin’s court date is set for November 30th.
Lead photo courtesy of Ian Mackenzie.