Three New Road Rules Are Now In Effect Ontario-Wide

Keep your eyes on the prize! Er, wheel

After thousands of distracted driving-related accidents last year, government officials and police are cracking down more than ever. As of September 1st, the government has introduced a new set of distracted-driving rules, Bill 31. Make sure you’re informed about all the changes, but for now, here are the three major changes that Ontarian drivers need to look out for:

Distracted Driving

Texting and driving used to only ring you up for $60 – no longer. There is now a whopping $490 fine for texting and driving, including potential suspension and demerit points. Don’t touch your phone or even check your maps if you’re at a red light. It’s time to invest in a hands-free device if you haven’t already.


Cyclist Safety

It’s a good day to be a cyclist! The fine for “dooring” someone (parking and literally opening your door onto an oncoming cyclist) will cost you $300 and 3 demerit points. Failing to keep a metre’s distance away from a cyclist will cost you $85, but cyclists don’t get off that easy either. Failure to have proper bike lighting and reflector gear could cost you $85.


Slow Down and Move Over

Tow trucks have entered the ranks of emergency vehicles, as you are now required to slow down and move over whenever one is at the side of the road. Drivers who don’t slow down and move over face a minimum fine of $490 and penalty of 3 demerit points.

(Photo by YU-JEN SHIH via Flickr)