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Thrift Stores In Mississauga For Those Seeking An Adventure

What Makes A Thrift Store “Fun And Exciting”?

Are you on a hunt for thrift stores in Mississauga? This is your lucky day. Read on and you’ll find a treasure trove of incredible little shops below.

Thrift shopping is just like treasure hunting, which makes it so fun and exciting! You’ll never know what you’re going to find in the next (potentially dusty) corner of the shop.

Are “Thrift Stores” and “Consignment Shops” The Same Thing?

thrift store mississauga

Thrift stores and consignment shops are pretty much the same in that they sell secondhand items and mostly at a lesser price. However there are some key differences:

  1. Thrift stores are usually where you donate your items for resale, and the resale generally goes to a non-profit.
  2. Consignment stores are generally for-profit. Further, you can take your items there, and when they sell them for you, they’ll give you a cut of the sale.
  3. Consignment shops, however, can also be considered thrift stores.

Thrift stores and consignment shops are the same in some ways, but quite different in others. Let’s explore some of both options in Mississauga!

5 Fantastic Thrift Stores For Those In Mississauga Seeking Adventure

thrift store mississauga

If you’re up for an adventure in seeking treasure in a thrift store in Mississauga, here’s your chance.

Check out some of the best thrift shops Mississauga has to offer, as well as consignment shops in Mississauga that may have your next best find for your wardrobe.

Let’s go!

1) The Comeback

image: @thecomebackconsignment on Instagram

The Comeback is a consignment shop in Mississauga located at 4893 Dundas St W. This consignment shop has a great selection of items and their staff is really nice.

The layout and display of this thrift store in Mississauga are well organized and the ladies always give their honest opinion about the items on display.

Once you’ve brought something here, you’d definitely Come Back.

2) Designer Swap

thrift store mississauga
image: @designerswap.ca on Instagram

Our next thrift store in Mississauga on the list is Designer Swap. They used to have a pop-up shop located on Dundas St., however, they closed the shop last April 2021. They are now operating fully online.

Even so, they still have so much to offer when it comes to options. You can check their Instagram and website to find their hottest collections.

3) It’s Our Little Secret Boutique

thrift store mississauga
image: @ourlittlesecret2019 on Instagram

This thrift store is well-known for its lounge wears, men’s and women’s underwear, mastectomy bras, breast prosthetics and other health and beauty products.

The biggest brands you’ll find here are SAXX, Fantasie Lingerie, Dixxon, Fit Fully Yours Lingerie, and more. You can visit their store at 463C 15 St E in Prince Albert, or visit their website to check their collections.

4) Plato’s Closet

thrift store mississauga
image: @platosmississauga on Instagram

This thrift store located at 2225 Dundas St E. has a wide and very nice selection of items from Aritzia, Lululemon, and other clothing brands you’ll recognize.

The items here are bought from customers and were not donated. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth when you shop here. Make sure to come in early as the wait time can take longer in the afternoon.

5) Style Encore

thrift store mississauga
image: @styleencoremississaugaon on Instagram

Style Encore is another thrift store in Mississauga located at 40 Bristol Rd E. It’s a consignment store and so, their items are of good quality while the prices are not too high.

Get excited as you visit this thrift store in Mississauga. If you come on your lucky day, you might just find authentic luxury brand items on display – for an affordable price.

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