In 2005 Mark Zuckerberg Was Basically Running Facebook Out of a Frat House

Chilling with Zuck in 2005

Much has been made of Facebook founder and Silicon Valley tycoon Mark Zuckerberg’s early years, including Hollywood’s hyper-stylized version, The Social Network. Now, an actual interview from 2005 has surfaced that shows a younger “Zuck” chilling in “” headquarters in shorts and a t-shirt drinking beer from a red solo cup. He explains the early viral success of the today’s most popular social network and it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on the platform in the early stages. “The goal wasn’t to make an online community but a mirror for the real community that exists in real life,” he explains to the interviewer.

He also goes on to discuss how his goal was to focus strictly on colleges and universities, which obviously only represents a small fraction of Facebook users today.

Watch the video above

Oh, and there’s a keg stand obviously.