#ThrowBackThursday on The Morning After

Who do you want to see on The Morning After's Throwback Thursday?

It all started with Serial Joe. Now we’re looking for your suggestions. What 90s star have you been thinking about? Below are some of the amazing guests and just a few of the suggestions we’ve already had. Please add yours to the comments at the bottom and we will do our best to get your guests on for #ThrowbackThursday!

We invited Ryan Dennis from Serial Joe to help us crown the Best Cereal Ever! Yes, we realize the band name is not “Cereal” Joe but we didn’t care. It was really just an excuse to get them on and play Matt’s favourite nostalgic song from the 90s, “Mistake”.

Listen to the interview with Ryan Dennis of Serial Joe here:
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Shortly after, the tweets started rolling in:

There is obviously a demand for these nostalgic guests so we started “Throwback Thursday” on The Morning After last week. Snow was the inaugural Throwback Thursday guest.

Snow on indie

He even sang “Informer” with our very own Matt Hart beat boxing. It was one of the most amazing moments in my career! Check this out, you won’t believe your ears:

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Remember when the Pink Power Ranger recently busked on the streets of Toronto to raise money for her new movie?

Pink Power Ranger
(Photo by CBC)

We invited her to stop by for a Throwback Thursday but her car broke down on the way. She did call to apologize and we will reschedule in the New Year.

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We are currently working on a day for PJ Phil from YTV to come visit.


Brian and Matt were both on The Camilla Scott Show so they hope to see her soon.

I really want to see if the guys from B4-4 sill have frosted tips.