Ticketmaster is Sort of Paying Back Customers after Class-Action Lawsuit

According to reports, about 50 million users are owed free concert tickets. Could you be one of them?

Looks like karma has finally made its way through the long list of unfortunate music fans that paid Ticketmaster a pretty penny in overcharges within the last decade.

Ticketmaster is no stranger to major class action lawsuits. From Pearl Jam’s 1994 anti-trust suit to, Bruce Springsteen’s case against the company’s processing fees in 2011, the world’s most primary ticket distributor has ticked off a long list of famous names.

Most recently, the company settled a massive 400 million dollar class action lawsuit, after being accused of misrepresenting fees, and overcharging customers who received tickets by mail between October 21, 1999 and February 27, 2013.

Well, it looks like Ticketmaster wants to make it up to the estimated 50 million people they’ve taken advantage of over the past 14 years, by compensating them with free tickets. Email alerts were sent out last month to those unfortunate ticket buyers who have paid the heinous overcharges between the above mentioned dates.

UNFORTUNATELY this only applies if you were a resident of the US at the time of purchasing the tickets. If you are an American Ticketmaster customer, and have since changed your 1999 email from EddieVeddersgurl95@yahoo.com to something with a little more class, don’t fret! Just log into your Ticketmaster account and click on “Active Vouchers” to see if there are any surprises awaiting you.

According to the official Ticketmaster website, the ‘free tickets’ are available to users on a “first come, first-served basis” for general admission seating at the designated concert events at only Live Nation owned or operated venues.

But, don’t get too excited just yet – the list of eligible events is currently non-existent. Users can sign up to receive email notifications for when new shows and events are added to the now anticipated list.

Ticketmaster will also offer $42 million worth of discount codes on an annual basis in the next four years.

Feeling a little ripped off as a Canadian over here. I feel a Change.org petition in the near future.

(Photo: Bethany Khan)