Tidal and MQA will be bringing studio quality sound to mobile

'This is a major advancement for the audiophile community'

All Tidal HiFi members using Android smartphones now have the ability to use their new feature, master quality audio streaming.

Tidal Masters is part of a partnership with British company MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), which created a technology that makes big music files compatible on all services and devices without losing quality. With the latest update, the Tidal Android app will include the MQA decoder so that audiophiles and app users have an easy option to listen to fuller, richer studio sound on a streaming service.

“This is a major advancement for the audiophile community and Tidal’s HiFi members,” Tidal COO Lior Tibon explained according to Billboard. “As our platform evolves, our partnership with MQA continues to expand and cements our position as a leader in the High-Fidelity audio space.”

A HiFi membership clocks in at $19.99 per month.

Lead photo courtesy of Vanessa Bazzano.