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Tim Baker is ready to start again on new single ‘Some Day’

Former Hey Rosetta! frontman Tim Baker has shared a video for a new single, “Some Day.”

The summery new song revolves around some bright piano, dreamy horns, and stunning harmonies. It’s definitely a more upbeat, sunnier tune than most of Baker’s recent releases, as he delivers lines like, “Some day/ I’ll get/ Out of my own way baby/ Out under the morning breaking.”

“As a living human being, I’ve always enjoyed upbeat pop shuffles full of heartfelt lyrics and playful countermelodies,” Baker explains. “The ‘song’ just sort of fell out – one of those easy writes that rushes out and requires only light editing. As soon as I played it with my friends Ben Whiteley and Phil Melanson, and we sunk into that shuffle, and they wailed those falsetto backups there in Ben’s garage, I couldn’t wait to record this and get it out into the world.”

Watch the video for “Some Day” below.


More on “Some Day”:

“It’s very simply about the desire to start again someday, somewhere new, where you can be a better version of yourself, and live a fuller, richer, truer life than what you are currently living.”

In addition to the new track, Tim Baker has teamed up with Jordan Canning and Adam Christie (Schitts Creek, Baroness Van Sketch Show) to film comedy skits about his return to music.

“I had the pleasure of working with my dear friends Jordan Canning & Adam Christie,” Baker says. “We put together a series of sketches filmed in Toronto. You’ll see me awaken from my covid stupor, endeavour to become relevant, fit, road ready, all the while surrounded by incredible comedic actors and usually dressed ridiculously. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did filming them. Keep an eye out on YouTube for the full series.”

Check out the teaser for the series below.

In addition to “Some Day,” Tim Baker recently released “Lucky Few.”

Tim Baker is headed out on tour, check out the dates below.

Tim Baker Tour Dates:

July 22-23 – Calgary, AB @ Calgary Folk Fest
August 4 – Sydney, NS @ Makin’ Waves Music Festival
September 17 – Nashville, TN @ Americanafest
December 8 – London, ON @ London Music Hall
December 9 – Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall

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