Tim Horton’s is making a double-double flavoured coffee bar

Get your caffeine on the go

Sick of walking to work with a steaming hot double-double and spilling it all over yourself as you trek through the snow?

Tim Horton’s is making that a problem of the past with the introduction of their new double-double coffee bar. This “to-go” coffee puts bean juice in the form of a bar, similar in size to a chocolate bar. The smooth breakfast-snack-drink hybrid is a silky chocolate-like texture with an espresso bean flavour, but it contains no actual chocolate.

Additionally, the coffee bar will come packed with caffeine, so if you’re looking for a quick burst of energy, but don’t want to wait in line at Tim’s, this could be the snack for you. “Across Canada, we’re known for our signature coffee,” President Alex Macedo explained in a statement. “Following the successful launch of our Double Double Timbit earlier this year, we wanted to create another edible treat that satisfies Canadians’ Timmies coffee cravings.”

The bars themselves won’t be available until fall, but there will be plenty of caffeine to go around until then. In addition to the new coffee bar, Tim’s will be releasing other retail coffee beverages for the Canadian coffee lover on the go. In February, you’ll be able to purchase instant coffee, and in March, ready-to-drink iced coffee and Iced Caps will be available as well.