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Tim Hortons to give away nearly 2 million reusable cups next month, moves toward making Roll Up The Rim digital

Tim Hortons is set to give away almost two million reusable cups beginning next month, and they’ll be moving Roll Up The Rim toward a digital contest in an attempt to reduce the waste it produces.

The moves are part of a revamp of the Canadian coffee chain’s Roll Up The Rim To Win promotion, which was highly criticized last year due to the large amounts of waste it produces. During the contest, prize giveaways are hidden in the rims of disposable cups, which environmental groups claim promote single-use packaging.

Now, Tim Hortons has announced changes to the contest, which include more ways to participate digitally rather than through the purchase of disposable cups. The contest, which runs from March 11th to April 7th, will still use disposable cups for the first two weeks, but Tim Hortons will also offer prizes through their mobile app, with an extra chance for customers that purchase coffee in reusable cups.

Additionally, as of March 10th, the company will be giving away 1.8 million reusable cups for free in another push to promote moving away from single-use plastics.
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