Time-Based Transfers Could Start in 2018 for TTC PRESTO Card Users

Unlimited hopping on and off transit in two-hour window

The Toronto Transit Commission approved a plan Tuesday that will see the implementation of time-based transfers for PRESTO Card users by August of 2018. The policy will allow TTC riders using the card to enter and exit transit vehicles as many times as they want within a two-hour window, all for the cost of a single fare.

According to a report from TTC staff, this change could add upwards of five million TTC trips annually.

“[This policy] will help reduce the financial barrier and make transit more affordable for low-income riders. It will provide customers with greater access to the system, and an ability to make multiple short trips on one fare,” a TTC report said.

Although it’s been approved by the TTC board, city council will have to give its stamp of approval in its 2018 budget.