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Tinder and Spotify Hooked Up To Help You Hook Up

If you’re a single individual who still likes to charm romantic suitors with sweet mixed tapes, jammed back with make-out session slow jams, Tinder and Spotify might have your back.

Fully aware of the power behind a playlist made up primarily of The Smiths and Dave Matthews Band, the two popular apps have teamed up to help you get lucky! Only, you just get one song to represent you.

Starting today, anyone can add a Tinder “Anthem” to their profile page – AKA one track that so perfectly depicts you- whatever that may be. The update will also let you display your top artists on Spotify and swipe left and right through a flood of potential lovers, based on their music taste. That way, if someone digs an artist or genre you can’t stand, you can say so long before you’re 5 dates in, and being dragged to a J Biebs concert.

Not exactly the classic mixed-tape we’re used to, but the evolution of online dating has pretty much thrown tradition out of the window.

Your carefully hand-picked Tinder Anthem will show up on the profile page, right below your totally unique and witty bio, and can be played in the app with or without a Spotify account.

What would your anthem be?

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