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Tinder partners with safety app Noonlight to roll out new panic button, safety check-in features

Tinder is set to release new safety features in the United States through a partnership with safety app Noonlight, including a panic button and safety check-ins, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Before heading out on a date, Tinder users will have the option to use the Noonlight integration in order to log information like details on who they’re going out with and where they will be meeting up. Additionally, users can trigger the panic button so that police can come if there is an emergency.

On top of the panic button, Tinder is implementing a photo verification system, and once verified, a profile will get a check mark, much like on Bumble. Lastly, according to The Verge, another new feature will be implemented to detect offensive messages, asking users if they are comfortable with them or not and ultimately offering up the option to report the offending user.

While the roll out will currently be available in the United States, if feedback is positive it will likely get implemented in Canada as well.

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