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Send Us Your #TinderFails

Brian from The Morning After is back on the market and he is considering signing up for Tinder. When Tinder first launched it was a great dating app but now some people are finding it less than ideal for meeting someone special. I was at a concert recently where the band used Tinder to invite girls whom they have no intention of dating to their show. Some people say that Tinder is nothing more than a hookup app. Single folks with frogs, dolls, and clown obsessions all have a home on Tinder.

Now it’s confession time. Share your #TinderFail story with us. You’ll be totally anonymous but there are two rules: 1) the story has to be true, and 2) you must be respectful!

We’ll feature the best #TinderFails on indie88.com and on The Morning After.

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