Toilets of the World

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Lets face it, whether it’s number one or two, everybody has to go at some point. But where is the craziest place you’ve gone? Here is a list of some different toilets from around the world.

Kumutoto Toilets

(Photo by russellstreet via Flickr Creative Commons)

Located in Wellington, New Zealand, these incredibly structured toilets are available for public use, representing sea like creatures along the waterfront.

The Sharing Urinal

(Photo by billandkent via Flickr Creative Commons)

The Sharing Urinal can be seen on most streets throughout Belgium, Denmark and Amsterdam. Canadians got their turn to try these efficient structures when Osheaga brought them in for their 2014 festival. 


Electronic Toilets

(Photo by LHOON via Flickr Creative Commons)

Japan is home to the electronic toilet, more elaborate than our regular porcelain thrones; these appliances are set with a range of features for cleanliness and comfort.

Marble Stone Toilets

(Photo by Robert Yanal via Flickr Creative Commons)

More than a dozen of these marble toilets can be found in the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey. These were designed to handle your business where clean water would flow through near your feet. 


The Pop Up Urinal

(Photo by Matt Whiteley via Flickr Creative Commons)

Invented in the Netherlands and now seen throughout England and soon to be parts of Australia, this urinal system pops up during the day and “closes for business” aka retracts back into the ground at night. 


Hundertwasser Toilets

(Photo by Eli Duke via Flickr Creative Commons)

Here is another unique way of doing your business in New Zealand. Kawakawa is home to this artistic structure built for meditation as well as doing your business. 


Space Toilets

(Photo by SMcGarnigle via Flickr Creative Commons)

Yes, even in space you still have to go. There are numerous museums within the United States, including the Smithsonian’s National Air And Space Museum in Washington, that teach you the basics of “how do they go to the bathroom in space”.


Special Mention
Spice Route on King West. 
If you haven’t gone to the washroom at this restaurant yet, make a reservation because it is one of the best thrones in the city-with a great view!

Coolest washroom ever – big glass window right next to the stall #spiceroute

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We always have our eye out for extra special porcelain, so let us know your favourite place to do your business.