Tokyo Police Club Playing “PCH” for 12 Hours Straight At Gallery This Weekend

"4 men. 12 hours. 220 performances."

How many times in a row can you listen to your favorite song? If you’re a fan of Tokyo Police Club’s “PCH”, then this weekend you have a chance to hear it performed 220 times in a row.

Being described as “The Great PCH Marathon”, Newmarket’s own Tokyo Police Club will be taking over the Rally Gallery downtown for an exhausting 12 hours performance, from noon to midnight this coming Sunday June 26th.

“No intermissions, no breaks, just one song played over and over again” says the official Facebook event. Fans are encouraged to come to the free event and join the band on stage to play along and sing with the band. Graham Wright, the keyboardist of the explained the idea to Indie88:

A few years back we went to this awesome Nuit Blanche thing where they played “Smells Like Teen Spirit” over and over again all night long. Which was super fun and ridiculous, but it also ended up being a really unique and fascinating way to experience a familiar piece of music in a whole new way. We were looking for something fun to do at the end of the tour and trying our own version of this marathon seemed just crazy enough to be a good idea.

As well, the idea was inspired by The National, who played a six hour encore at MoMA of their High Violet Track “Sorrow”. Special guests from the Toronto music scene are promised to make appearance throughout the day. If you can’t make the event, be sure to follow the band on Periscope where it will be streamed in full. The event is free, but donations are encouraged, which will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

For a sample of what’s to come, take a listen to “PCH” from their Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Part 1) EP in the player above.