Tokyo Police Club Release “Hot Tonight” & Tracklist

Tokyo Police Club follow up their 2010 album with Forcefield

Tokyo Police Club recently teased us with a new track titled “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)” and a word search, and finally the tracklist has surfaced. The band is releasing their follow up to 2010’s Champ with Forcefield; a 9-track album featuring the latest single “Hot Tonight”. Hear it below:

Pitchfork got a statement from Tokyo Police Club’s vocalist and bassist David Monks about the upcoming record; here’s what he has to say.

 “Since writing started for Forcefield in mid-2011 there have been so many trends and every kind of ‘wave.’ We saw them all come and disappear or change into something broader. It left us wanting to make something that would last. We ended up rediscovering energy and guitars and simple, direct songs. There was certainly a lot of pressure to take the music somewhere new and there were lots of opinions about how to do that, but in the end we blocked all that out and followed our instincts. I think that’s what Forcefield is—it doesn’t matter what else is going on out there, the music just has to be honest and have a real feeling to it.”

01 Argentina (Parts I, II, III)
02 Hot Tonight
03 Miserable
04 Gonna Be Ready
05 Beaches
06 Toy Guns
07 Tunnel Vision
08 Through the Wire
09 Feel the Effect

In case you missed it, here’s “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)”: