Tokyo Police Club Singer Dave Monks Goes Solo

From shiney synths to roots rock

Tokyo Police Club released their last record Forcefield in 2013 and since then things have been relatively quiet. Frontman Dave Monks has decided that he wants to do his own thing for a little while and has plans to release a solo EP entitled All Signs Point To Yes on June 16.

Monks says:

As I was writing these songs I just thought, ‘What if this is the song, what if it just starts with me and I don’t have to add anything else and I can embrace all the things that come most naturally to me?There’s definitely less stuff to hide behind. I think I was learning some of that when we were making [Tokyo Police Club’s] Forcefield, to be simple and direct, but it’s not always the best when you have three other guys ready to go. You can really strip it back and do that when there’s just one.

Take a listen to his new single called “Gasoline” below: