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Tokyo Police Club | Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions

Tokyo Police Club are back with their first full-length release in four years, TPC. The album comes after a period in which the band found themselves scattered between Canada, New York City, and Los Angeles. After a disappointing attempt to write new material over e-mail, the band nearly broke up before Dave Monks’ implored his bandmates to keep going. The band set up shop in a rural Ontario church to write new material, along the way rediscovering their love of the band and recapturing the energy of their earlier years together.

“Let’s make this band feel like a band we would want to be in again,” Monks said. “Let’s make it about being present for the moments that are important more than about being devoted to some rock stardom fantasy. We at least gotta go make Abbey Road first, and go out with a bang. You don’t have to give me five records. Just give me a few more rehearsals and some studio time and then we’ll figure it out.”

The band’s reinvigorated fervor was fully on display when they visited us in the Stiegl Hidden Studio to perform three new songs from TPC, “Hercules”, “Pigs”, and “Daisy Chain”.

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