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Tokyo Police Club’s Graham Wright announces sophomore solo album, shares video for new single ‘Bridget’

Tokyo Police Club and Girlfriend Material‘s Graham Wright has announced his sophomore solo album. The Cost Of Doing Business is set for release on September 28th via his very own Ray Cat Records. As part of the announcement, Wright has shared a video for his new single “Bridget.”

Graham Wright shared his debut solo album, Shirts vs Skins a whopping ten years ago. Today, he’s returned with a video for “Bridget.” The guitar-driven tune comes packed with energetic, processed vocals that are sure to get you dancing. The accompanying video sees Wright lying on a carpet with instruments beside him, as he sings along to the tune.

“I just completely lost my way,” Wright explains. “I would get a big pile of songs together and feel really great about them – until I heard whatever cool new record people were talking about, or even a new song of [TPC bandmate] Dave’s. And then I’d go ‘oh, my songs are nowhere near that good. Back to the drawing board!’. But there’s only so many times you can get all excited about some songs only to tash them, and for a while I just stopped writing altogether.”

Watch the video for “Bridget” below.

The Cost Of Doing Business sees the word “honest” coming up again and again throughout its 11 tracks.

“When I started making music, when I was a kid, it was all heart,” Wright explains. “Even when I thought I was using my brain, I was really using my heart. But I thought I was this real smart guy, so I kept trying to use my brain, and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. It wasn’t until really recently that I finally realized I’ve been a heart guy the whole time. So now I’m just trying to be honest, even when it’s kind of embarrassing. Or especially when it’s embarrassing.”

Check out the tracklist for The Cost Of Doing Business below.

The Cost Of Doing Business Tracklist:

01 – “First Song”
02 – “Hot Damn!”
03 – “Bridget”
04 – “Easy Money”
05 – “My Time Machine Worked!”
06 – “A Bargain At Twice The Price”
07 – “Something Sweet”
08 – “Flashes (Hey Amen)”
09 – “Sub Pop”
10 – “Tiny”
11 – “Have One On Me”

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