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Tom DeLonge Thinks He’s Still In Blink-182

Blink-182 dropped a new song yesterday and although former frontman Tom DeLonge wasn’t a part of it, he still believes he’s in the band.

The band recently announced the release of a new album California and tour dates featuring new member Matt Skiba. Skiba replaced DeLonge after his very messy departure from the band in 2015.

There are always two sides to a story, and in this case DeLonge believes he’s still a part of Blink-182, or so he told Rolling Stone. He claims that he had never quit or been fired, rather forced out, but maintains that “I am currently in the band”.

The argument between Blink-182 members was fairly publicized and bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus told Das Process that they were going through “a friendly divorce”.

Although, DeLonge doesn’t seem to have a lot of animosity towards his ex-bandmates, telling Rolling Stone:

“I love those guys. The only thing I think about is, I want them to be happy. I don’t want the legacy of the band to get fucked with. I do care about that. I don’t want an incredible legacy to be ruined.”

DeLonge said that he would still play with Blink-182 if they called him up willingly. He spoke about how he’s handling being shut out:

“Is it awkward and weird? Yeah. Does part of me get bummed? Totally. But it doesn’t consume me. I’m doing some of the best stuff I’ve ever been involved in. People look in and they go, ‘How could you walk away from something like that?’ or ‘How could you not get so pissed?’ Well, because I’m more than that.”

But his bitter and more resentful side got the best of him following yesterday’s release, saying:

“If I wanted to hear Adam’s Song over and over again I would have just played the old record back. Geez. You guys interrupted my quest for interstellar alien life forms for this shit? I got important work to do.”

DeLonge followed up his critique with a wacky idea, asking fans if he should follow around Blink 182 and perform in parking lots outside of their shows. He posted this to Twitter, (which was shortly taken down) captured by Heaviermetal:


Blink-182 will be releasing their new album California on July 1st and coming to Toronto on August 21st, check out “Bored to Death” here.

(Photo courtesy of The Cosmo LA via Flickr)

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